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Transformation begins now

Ready to feel a clearer senseof purpose, confident in your habits, drop your self-limiting beliefs and actions, thinking and achieving bigger, taking empowered action, and feel more in the flow? When you Transform with Halli, she supports you as an individual or family in breaking down barriers and finding momentum in growth and goals. Click on Coaching to the left to explore this option further.

Social Emotional Learning is the study of self and one's relation to the world. Originating in schools, SEL has been used as a tool to infuse wellbeing and personal development into the culture, instruction, behavior support, and all activities. Halli does this work with individuals and organizations through core values alignment, explicit instruction of social and emotional skills, and growth focused interventions to empower people to own their path and actions and take initiative to improve themselves and their world. In the workplace, SEL can be used as a tool to support the wellness of employees and employers for a more healthy and productive environment. SEL increases reported rates of wellbeing and decreases burnout. Let's change the world together!

Movement in the body creates movement in life. And movement is only one piece of the magical practice of yoga. Halli is passionate about sharing yoga in a manner that is aligned with the ancient practices that emphasize the combination of mental, physical, and spiritual health. Yoga is a centerpiece for Halli's personal practice, her coaching, her work with kids, and her community wellness offerings. She is certified as a yoga teacher and offers occassional community classes and private instruction to deepen your practice or bring yoga to your celebration or workplace. Click "Yoga" to the left for more info!

  • Vision: A more empathetic and empowered world
  • Mission: Transformational wellness eduation programming for all ages

All photos on this site were taken by Halli. Below: A picture from the porch at host mom's house in Don Chedi, Thailand

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