Get to Know Me

Hello, I'm Halli Benson. Glad you're here!

I enjoy many things in life:

singing, making art out of anything, gardening, dancing, cooking, outdoor activities,

meeting new people, travel, yoga, meditation. And of course, I LOVE learning!

I didn't always love to learn. Throughout my schooling, I was not adequately supported. I was diagnosed with ADD in 5th grade and was on and off medication until after college when I decided to stop taking it. The meds never addressed the underlying issue. In my required 13 years of school, I got lost in the masses and the pressure to "be cool". To me, that meant not being too studious, sometimes skipping classes, and focusing way more on friend time than me time or work time. I never learned how to prioritize my education. Although I thought I wanted to be a doctor, I had no idea how to learn or study (until my third semester in college).

In high school, my sister's father passed away of Alzheimer's. I was inspired to volunteer for our local Alzheimer's Support Network. I offered to plan and facilitate music programming for two weekly meetings. I was blown away as I experienced a man who struggled to recall who I was from week to week sing EVERY WORD to a song from his childhood. I saw a woman remember a dance every week that I taught my first week with her group. I was inspired to change my course and chose to study learning and the impact of creative thinking on the learning process.


A huge surprise to my younger self, I became an educator after college. Working in schools, I witnessed and supported the learning process in action. I saw the same lack of proper support with the majority of the students I came in contact with. Teachers want to help every student but it is impossible to give 30 people the experience they need simultaneously. The current state of schools is not prioritizing wellness and it is unsustainable for teachers and students. I was able to find ways to support students as individuals in various positions in my career (teacher, assistant teacher, extracurricular and academic support coordinator, yoga and mindfulness teacher, teacher trainer) and support a structure that attempts to provide teachers and students will adequate support.


 Early on in my career, I realized a passion for leadership and collaboration with adult peers. I have attended numerous professional development events in topics ranging from yoga for kids in Denver, arts integration courses in Denver and LA, arts for social activism in education in Los Angeles, and intercultural interpersonal communication in my Peace Corps training.

In the Peace Corps, I was able to gain perspective on teaching and learning in a different context and explore similarities and constants as well as context-based differences. I also had the opportunity to work with amazing teachers, training and coaching them, and receiving coaching from them. I embraced physical, mental, and social challenges with openness and willingness. I spent a lot of time alone and learned a lot about myself in the process. After my service, I knew I could do more if I found a way to work with kids if I could work with them 1-on-1. I founded Transform Learning, the first iteration of this business. I also did a 12 week program with a life coach. These things changed my life and inspired the movement toward creating a wellness focused coaching program for all ages. I specifically want to work with kids and those connected to kids and hopefully, I will be partnering with schools to contribute to a more wellness focused future and education system. Presently, I'm working with individual learners and full family group clients to transform the conversations, thoughts, and behaviors at work in the learning process and life development.


Although my focus is education, this program is effective in facilitation life change for anyone and everyone! I have also coached adults through massive habit change, transitions, and mindset shifts. I utilize the tools and resources that I share with you in my own personal life, transforming my life. I realized a few years ago that I was living life going from one form of intoxication to the next and through shifting obligations that I constantly complained about. My habits weren't supporting my physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health. I made big shifts, aligning with my desired outcomes and accepting what is out of my control. I have done , and still do, a ton of releasing, processing emotions, and general embracing of life regularly. I LOVE sharing these tools and perspectives with anyone and everyone! I'm also passionate about physical health and have taken on a health coaching certification in addition to life coaching, so I can support with the foundation for living the life you want. From nutrition and movement plans, to uncovering and facing hidden blockages to creating new habits, we'll get you where you want to be.

Throughout my career, I have seen the impressive impact of making adjustments in mindset and becoming intimately familiar with your own thoughts and learning process. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been reacting to the massive and numerous changes in different ways. I've seen people, young and old, feeling big impacts from the adjustment demanded of us. I started to see this as an amazing learning opportunity, a time to build some invaluable skills: resilience, flexibility, self-care, routine building, introspection, and so many others. In fact, there's a possibility to learn just about anything you've been hoping to learn for yourself. Many people struggle to see past their perspective of their circumstances and might feel stuck or even trapped in their patterns and situations. Humans are powerful beings, and also, change is hard and slow. This time has been challenging for all of us. You can do amazing things with access to the right support, accountability, and information. I can help you and/or a young person in your life build a solid foundation for long-term happiness and success.


I am so passionate about seeing learners of all ages set up for success.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to TRANSFORM with you!