The program is 100% customized to support your needs and goals.


Initial Consultation

Phone Call

Up to 90 minutes

  • discuss your situation

  • set goals

  • agree on an action plan to achieve goals

The Process


Initial Consultation

In Person*

90 minutes-2 days

  • either a short meeting or a 2 day observation and visit to get to know each other

*extra cost if travel necessary


I will send you an agreement for you to fill out.

(If you need extra time, no problem! Just let me know before our meeting.)


We will meet weekly. I will provide interactive resources and content suggestions for you to consume on your own time between meetings.


In-person intensive*

7 days

I will come to you, stay nearby (or with you) to observe and support transitions and implementation of systems and accountability

*extra cost if travel necessary

I’m committed until you are satisfied with our progress!

I genuinely want you to be successful.


I'll be available for ongoing support and guidance via text/ email. We will have scheduled follow up meetings to celebrate successes, reflect on how things have been going, and revise the plan as necessary.


Follow through plan: a long term plan that you can carry out on your own with your support system. You can always book a single session for specific support from me.

My pricing will be increasing over the next 4 seasons!


The first session is always free.

12 week program for 1 client

Summer 2020 - free - FULL

Fall 2020 - $50/session OR $550 in full - 6 slots left!

Winter 2021 - $75/session OR $820 in full

Spring 2022 - $100/session OR $1100 in full 

Summer 2022 - $150/session OR $1650 in full

6-month and group program priced case-by-case

*In-person sessions requiring travel will be based on price of travel to your location